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City of Copenhagen: Statbank
Population and projections
Homes, buildings and areas
Labour market, employed and unemployed
Income, wealth and income distribution
Passenger cars

Population and projections
KKBEF1: Population by district, sex, age and marital status (1974Q1-2022Q3)
KKBEF3: Population by roder, sex, age and citizenship (1980Q1-2022Q3)
KKBEF8: Population by district, sex, age and citizenship (1980Q1-2022Q3)
KKBEF9: Population by district, sex, age and place of birth (1977-2022)
KKFR2022: Population projection 2022 by district, sex and age (2022-2050)
KKFRBEV: Components og changes according to population projection by sex and age (2022-2049)
Previous projections
KKFR2021: Population projection 2021 by district, sex and age (2021-2050)
KKFR2020: Population projection 2020 by district, sex and age (2020-2050)
KKFR2019: Population projection 2019 by district, sex and age (2019-2050)
Births and fertility
KKBEF5: Average age of women given birth and new fathers by district and age (2008-2021)
KKBEF7: Age-specific fertility rates (five-year age groups) and total fertility rate by district and age (2006-2021)
Deaths and life expectancy
KKBEF4: Life expectancy for new born babies by district and sex (2005:2009-2017:2021)
Families and households
KKFAM1: Families by district, family type and number of children (1998Q1-2022Q3)
KKHUS1: Households by district, type of household, number of children in the household and household size (1998Q1-2022Q3)
Movements and migration
KKBEF6: Summary vital statistics by district and type of movement (1975-2021)